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1) Ego

A CEO can’t be someone who don’t have a big ego and is arrogant but he/she know how to manage their ego at different situations. It’s not bad to be arrogant unless and until you are humiliating people around you. For Example: Whenever any investor was going to invest something, he/she was going to invent something which was never produced before.

2) Criticize

Every great CEO knows the right way to give feedback to someone.

As quoted by Charles M Schwab,

I have yet to find the man, however exalted his station, who did not do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval than under a spirit of criticism.”

3) Empathy

Great CEO’s know that they can’t go far ahead without their team and they the value of the work which their team does. They have great empathy towards their employees.

4) Interpersonal Intelligence

Every great CEO has high interpersonal intelligence which is the ability that helps a person to read the other person’s mind like a book. It helps in easy interaction with others as well as empathize and understand motivations and goals. This gives them edge to do a good prediction about the future of different aspects in their business.

5) Communication

A great CEO is a great conversationalist, they know the essence of good communication. As Warren Buffett said, “ A person can improve their value by 50% just by improving their communication skills.”

6) Psychology

A great CEO is good in psychology which helps them to understand better about of the behaviour of the people around them. It’s very important to understand how human mind works whether it’s inside the organization or outside the organization.

7) Open-Minded

A great CEO is very open-minded towards the opinion of others. Because he believes that “ He don’t know what he don’t know”.

8) Taking Things Personal

A great CEO don’t take things personally and understand that a negative criticism is very valuable if it’s from the right person not from someone who hates him/her.

9) Reputation

A CEO has a good reputation as reputation is a cornerstone of power. It helps the other people do the things before the CEO enters the room.

10) Different

A great CEO thinks outside the box and they are different in their approach as compared to other people around them.

11) Questions

A great CEO is good in asking the right questions, and asking the right questions in a very important skill to have. They know to give a good advice they need to understand the complete situation of the other person inorder to understand what should be done and what affects what?

12) Expanding

A great CEO always focus on growing the company after making it sustainable.

13) Strategy

A great CEO is a great strategist whether it’s short or long term strategy. After talent and hardwork, it’s all about strategy.

14) Language

A great CEO know how to talk to a teenager and how to talk to a millennial or how to talk to a senior citizen.

15) Self-Analysis

A great CEO knows their strength and weaknesses and they work on improving their weaknesses.

16) Specialisation

A great CEO always focus on specialization than generalization. He want people to know something about everything but also know everything about something.

They know that people who try to go everywhere goes nowhere and market values a person for value not for time. They themselves specialize in something and know who and how to get the other person do the work which they don’t know how to do.

17) Motivator

A great CEO is also a great motivator for their team like a Army General is to his soldiers.

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