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1) Commission and Salary

Sales people gets commission per sale while the marketers are paid in salary.

2) Short Term and Long Term

Sales is more of short term growth while marketing is more of a long term growth. The result of sales can be seen everyday or every month but the result of marketing requires a time period or like a year or five year.

3) Quantity and Experience

Sales is more of like what features or qualities your product is offering while marketing is about the experience which your product is giving or will give.

4) Script and Research

Salespeople requires a script and persuasion skills to do sales call while marketers requires to research past marketing campaigns, use marketing tactics and triggers, persuasion and influence triggers and subconscious anchors for starting a marketing campaign.

5) Linear and Exponential

Sales helps you to increase your revenue in short term while marketing will help you to attract more customers in the long term.

6) Types

There are 4 types of salespeople; order takers, order creators, order-getters, support salespeople.

There are 6 types of marketers; Digital Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Inbound Marketer, Content Marketer, Product Marketer, Brand Marketer.

7) Dealing with them

Salespeople are usually tough as they handle a lot of rejections daily while marketers are artist who are very sensitive to criticism so it’s important to understand how to deal with a marketer as compared to a salesperson.

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